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Flexible Squares

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offers CSS, coding and general help for Flexible Squares layouts
Help community for the S2 style Flexible Squares.

If you seek help for your journal layout, but you're not using Flexible Squares, have a look at the following communities:
s2styles: non-layout-specific comm
s2smoothsailing: Smooth Sailing
s2bloggish: Bloggish
s2expressive: Mixit and Expressive
s2minimalism: Minimalism
opal_help: Opal (Libra OSWD)
component_help: Component
s2tranquility2: Tranquility II
boxer_help: The Boxer


  1. No sharing of passwords!
    Do not volunteer your password to anyone. Anyone who accepts a password or tries to get someone to reveal their password may be banned. (Read more...)

  2. Use lj-cuts. When including screenshots, error messages, or blocks of more than 5 lines of code, put them behind an lj-cut.
    LJ-cuts look like this: <lj-cut text="Read more..."> </lj-cut>
    If you forget, you will be prompted to edit your post. If you ignore the prompt, we may delete your post since we cannot edit it for you.

  3. No file uploads. If you want to share your CSS or theme layer link to it directly. Downloading files from unknown sources is a great risk. The next person posting such a link might cause you to catch a nasty virus/trojan with it. Besides, these files are often not available for long.


  1. Check the !tutorial tag and the Tutorials sticky post for How-Tos.

  2. Use the sidebar search engine.

  3. Look through the last 20 entries with the appropriate tag(s) to make sure that your questions haven't been answered yet.

  4. Have a look at the What's New section for hot topics.


  1. Give your post a meaningful subject  (Why?)

  2. Make the post public.  (Why?)

  3. Tag your post.  (Tag usage guidelines)

  4. Please provide the following information:

    • The account level of the journal you're modifying.

    • A link to the layout in question, e.g. the journal where it is active, or link to the style.  (How?)

    • If you are working with a theme layer, make it viewable, and link it in your post.  (How?)

    • If you are working with a CSS stylesheet, link to it only.

  5. When posting code or a compilation error message, pass it through an escaping tool first, like this one.   (How?)
The closer you follow this guide, the faster we can help you.


  1. Please reply to people's comments to let them know if their fix worked or not.

  2. When an issue is resolved, edit your post and add a "solved" to it. Please don't strike out text as it makes it hard to read, and was turned off in this comm's layout.

  3. Add the solved tag to your post when ALL your questions have been answered.
If your issue isn't answered in a few days or a week, make another post. A lot of posts are made to the community every day and sometimes an issue or two will go unanswered because of the sheer number of requests made.


Last updated: January 30, 2009

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