SG Kitt (ebonslumber) wrote in s2flexisquares,
SG Kitt

Image Map Coding Help

I can't find anything on image maps here. Is it possible to do those with a header using Machine? And I have a header on my journal already. Could I use that?

I'm not that adept with coding; most of the time I just snag it somewhere. I've read that it's a complicated thing, but if anyone is able to show the exact coding I need for this then that would be ideal. I really don't know how difficult it would be to create, though.

There are also numbers involved, right? That would be problematic for me as I have severe dyscalculia. (It's the math version of dyslexia.)

I know this question requires the header and footer tag too, but I'm lost beyond that! Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Tags: header and footer, paid accounts

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